Episode 2 is Here!

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Episode 2 is Here!

After a long long LONG wait, the much anticipated second episode of the Arkalis iOS game, Stargate SG-1: Unleashed was released last Sunday. After the first episode, apparently the creators had to get back to work to produce the second, which has always been listed as “Coming Soon” in the game menu.

Contrary to the theories of many, Episode 2 was not automatically included in the purchase of the cliff-hanging Episode 1. The price is once again $4.99, but the quality of the animation, the faithfulness to the characters and the series, and the fact that the original cast are back to voice their characters make $4.99 a very reasonable price.

There is a third episode planned for this story written by Sally Malcolm. A release date has not been provided, but hopefully it will be more reasonable than the nine months we have waited between Episodes 1 and 2. Beyond the third episode, GateWorld.net has reported that Arkalis will be basing the continuation of the project on fan reaction. So, if you love Stargate and you enjoy the game, please buy it!

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Episode 2 is available for iOS devices. Episode 1 is available for both iOS and Android devices. Episode 2 is expected to be available for Android devices in the coming weeks.

This player and die-hard Stargate fan has yet to get her hands on the game (It’s hard when you have to borrow the family iPad and they are reluctant to let go!), but as soon as she does, you can expect a review to follow!

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