Seriously, Dan Goes On The Air

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Seriously, Dan Goes On The Air

Our good friend and guest author Dan Carroll has very exciting news. His podcast, Seriously, Dan, is joining the air waves! We caught up with Dan to get the scoop.

For those who haven’t experienced it, what is your podcast about?
Seriously Dan is a project I started in 2012 that aims at providing love, encouragement, and practical advice, primarily to the geek community. It focuses on storytelling from the more interesting periods of my life…meaning those that were not so successful and also discussions of how strategic living made a significant impact on my life. The podcast began in spring of 2013.

The typical podcast is 35-45 minutes in length and I am usually joined by a co-host. My usual Co-Host is Mary Lou Who or Mary Anne Butler. We do intros and outros together and then I edit in interviews. The folks I interview are people with a passion for helping, who have a unique voice that can help the community.

The podcast is carried by the ESO Network and available at my website,

What inspired you to start your podcast?
One week in 2012 I found myself spending every evening on the phone providing reassurance and listening to friends with problems. The first night a friend called me to discuss how to end an ongoing affair, the next night a younger woman contacted me to discuss ending her virginity. The next night another from across the country called to talk because he had seen two people die in a boating accident earlier in the day. Finally I listened to someone who was processing the aftermath of a messy breakup. I am not a professional counselor or mental health professional. I am a someone who had a warm shoulder for them, open ears, and a background in professional planning. I could listen to them and help them with the problems in life by discussing risks, opportunities, next steps…I could talk to them about making plans.

And…Seriously, Dan came from that experience.

It’s my passion to love and protect and encourage and uplift the geek community. I saw a need and stepped up to fill it.

What can you tell us about the radio station you are moving to?
AM 1270 WYXC serves the area northwest of Atlanta with it’s studios in Cartersville, Georgia. They have a geek focus and Seriously, Dan will be joining the Saturday night line-up at 7PM. I will be followed by “The Game Room,” about gaming, and “BK on the Radio,” a pop culture and geek radio show that celebrates TV, film and comics. It’s a natural fit.

One exciting opportunity that Serioulsy, Dan will have is the ability to do truly live broadcasts from conventions.

What can your listeners do to help with your transition from podcast to radio?
That’s a great question. The most important thing is listen and contribute via the Tuned In Website. And, even better that that is to to call in and participate in the show! (678) 792-8570.

The transition includes expenses. As I developer a listenership, I can generate advertising revenues to secure sponsorship. In the meantime, I will need to help cover costs for the show and I have created an Indiegogo fundraiser to help raise the revenue to make this happen. You can contribute here.

Will the podcast continue separately or in conjunction with the radio show, or will the radio station be available online for those outside the Atlanta listening area?
The podcast will continue! Primarily the podcast will be original content mixed with snippets from the radio show. Mary Lou Who and Mary Anne Butler will continue to be co-hosts.

The radio program will be available online live:

And individual episodes will be available for download in full.

What’s the single best reason why everyone should tune in to Seriously, Dan?
In the end, the best reason to listen is that it will be interesting. Sometimes it will be amusing, sometimes informative, other times maybe confusing . . . but always interesting.

Thank you so much Dan! We wish you the very best of luck!

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