ChicagoTARDIS 2013 Preview

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ChicagoTARDIS 2013 Preview

As fans on both sides of the pond celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who, Chicago gets the privilege of hosting three of the Doctors and numerous companions, friends, adversaries, audio novel actors, executives and writers, and published authorities. In the three years I’ve been going to this convention, this is the most impressive line-up they’ve ever had, and it’s all thinks to the 50th Anniversary!

Here’s a full guest breakdown!

Peter Davison
The Fifth Doctor

Colin Baker
The Sixth Doctor

Paul McGann
The Eighth Doctor

Freema Agyeman
Martha Jones
10th Doctor era

Frazer Hines
Jamie McCrimmon
2nd Doctor era


Louise Jameson
Leela– 4th Doctor era

Sarah Sutton
Nyssa– 4th/5th
Doctor era

Nicola Bryant
Peri Brown– 5th/6th
Doctor era  


Daphne Ashbrook
Grace Holloway
8th Doctor era

Dan Starkey
Strax– 11th Doctor era

Richard Hope
Malohkeh in “The Hungry
/”Cold Blood”

Nina Toussaint-White 
Mels in “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Michael Jayston
The Valeyard in
“Trial of a Time Lord”

Terry Molloy
Davros– 5th/6th/7th
Doctor era

Jason Haigh-Ellery
Big Finish Executive

Tracey Childs
Elizabeth Klein– Big
Finish 7th Doctor era


Amy Pemberton
Sally Morgan– Big
Finish 7th Doctor era

Ken Bentley
Big Finish audio

Dick Mills
Radiophonic Workshop

Tony Lee
comics, graphic novels,
audio writer

Ed Stradling
DVD Extras Producer

Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman
Vampire Science, Seeing I

Graeme Burk and Robert Smith
Who’s 50

L.M. Myles
Chicks Unravel Time

Lars Pearson
Mad Norwegian Press

Michael Damian Thomas
Queers Dig Time Lords

I’m really looking forward to this convention. as you can see the guest list is awesome, but also the fan expert panels are really interesting and well done at ChicagoTARDIS. Plus, you never know what you will find in the vendor’s room. Really. Take ALL your spending money. It’s worth it.

Can’t be at the convention but wish you could? The next best thing to do is to follow me on Twitter @PlayItGrand for pics and news live from the con! After the con, come on back to SpaceGypsies for reviews, video, and audio panels.

If you are going to the con, make sure you say hi to the woman in the SpaceGypsies T-shirt! See ya there!

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