Sherlock Fakes Fans Out

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Sherlock Fakes Fans Out

After what felt like an extremely long hiatus, PBS’s hit Masterpiece Mystery series Sherlock has returned.  While waiting (patiently or impatiently, depending on your mood on a given day) fans have theorized, diagrammed, hypothesized, ate, slept, and dreamed about how exactly Sherlock did in fact survive the suicidal fall he was forced to take at the end of last season. Doubtless fans expected to get an explanation upon the show’s return, this fan included.

Man, were we wrong or what?

The show effectively faked viewers out no less than three times, presenting scenarios  for how Sherlock faked his suicide. Like many fans I’m sure, I rewatched the previous episode in the days leading up the series return, ready to analyze the explanation. The first was plausible until you realized that no one could possibly miss the bungee cord, and it most certainly was not there before. The second was nothing more than a ridiculous poke at fans, and it had me screaming “oh no, no, NO!” by the end of the segment.  The third scenario, presented by Sherlock himself, was more plausible, but still had issues. Perhaps the biggest factor that ultimately discredited the story, Anderson pointed out for us. Why, of all people, would Sherlock divulge his no doubt absolutely brilliant ploy to Anderson?

When John Watson said to Sherlock that he didn’t care how he had done it, he just wanted to know why he hadn’t been given any hint that Sherlock  was alive, I couldn’t help but yell at the TV, “I want to know how! Shut it John! I want to know!” Contrary to Sherlock’s usual need to show off, shall we say, the only explanation we have gotten  from him thus far is too problematic to be true.

Of course anyone familiar with Steven Moffat could have guessed that they would play this out in order to torture fans for a long as possible. Still, part of me is really upset that they haven’t given the long awaited explanation to fans who have been just dying to know. The question now is how much longer are we going to have to wait to find out how. Because we are going to find out eventually. Right? . . . Right?

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