The Windy City Becomes Stargate Central Again!

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Who’s ready for three days of non-stop Dan Shea? I am! . . . I think!

The Chicago Creation Stargate Convention is just four days away! Every year it gets a little bigger, and this year is no exception! The guest lineup is huge!

This year’s impressive guest lineup includes some that have been to Chicago before, along with some new faces to the Windy City. Dan Shea, known as Sergeant Sly Siler, stunt coordinator for much of the Stargate franchise, and stunt double for Richard Dean Anderson since the MacGyver days, will be making another visit to Chicago. Dan has hilarious stories to tell from the Stargate set as well as other sets he has worked on like USA’s Psych. Not only are the stories funny, but so is the way Dan tells them! The day that man stops moving pigs will fly!

Steve Basic will make his second visit to Chicago. Steve is known for his role as Camulus, but earlier in the series he was seen twice as Major Coburn, commander of SG-2. Steve is also known for his role as Telemachus Rhade on Andromenda, and he has many great stories from both sets, as well as a witty sense of humor.

Two Wraith will be joining us! We better hope they aren’t hungry! Andee Frizzell played almost every single Wraith Queen seen during Atlantis’s 5 season run. Ask her about her costumes and what she went through for that role and she will keep you enthralled for hours! Someone will no doubt beg her to tell the wet wedge story . . . and that someone might be me! She told it in Vancouver in 2009 with hilarious consequences!

Also joining us for the first time will be Christopher Heyerdahl. Aside from his voice you might never be able to tell that he played Sheppard’s buddy Todd. However, that is far from the only role Christopher has had in the Stargate franchise. He first played Pallen in the SG-1 episode “Revisions” where he first worked with Amanda Tapping. He then playing Holling on Atlantis before taking on the role of Todd, and in “The Kindred Part 2” he actually had to play both! When Amanda Tapping launched her web series, Sanctuary, Christopher joined that cast as John Druitt, and yet another role involving lots of makeup, Bigfoot! As Sanctuary has had a great following of Stargate fans, we can expect to hear Christopher field questions about both shows!

Joe Flanigan will make his second appearances in Chicago. There will no doubt be much talk of Atlantis’s sad end, the possibility of Stargate: Extinction ever being filmed, and lots of funny onset stores, especially given that Joe is a well known pranksters on set!

David Hewlett will be making a much anticipated first visit to Chicago, and we can’t wait to see him! After hearing the stories from his castmates during their Chicago visits, it will be great to hear them from David’s perspective. He will be able to tell us about his movie, A Dog’s Breakfast, and his more recent projects. His well known sense of humor is probably going to make everyone fall out of their seats!

Robert Picardo will be coming to town for the first time as well, and as a man of many talents he will be embraced here in Chicago! Woolsey may have been a pain in the mik’ta, a fact that Robert jokes about, but he is also known and loved for his role as the holographic Doctor on StarTrek: Voyager. Robert has been known to show off his considerable singing skills at conventions, and it is my hope that he will sing one that he performed in Vancouver, a song he wrote to a well known tune about how he went from StarTrek to Stargate!

This will be the 7th year for the Chicago Creation convention, and only one guest has come every year. If Michael Shanks ever chose not to come some year, I think my heart would wither and die! I honestly don’t think he has come to any city as consistently as Chicago, and God knows we love him here! Sure he gripes about the Red Hawks because they beat his precious Canucks, but we still love him! We even know where his sore spots are, so when he starts picking on some lucky fan, all we have to do is say “MegaSnake!” From Daniel to Victor (Burn Notice) we have watched his progress as an actor, and we love his stories and his witty take on the series. Welcome back again Michael!

Finally, Chicago will welcome three of the new kids on the block! Elyse Levesque, Brian Smith, and Alaina Huffman will all make their appearances in Chicago were they will no doubt be given a warm welcome, both on stage and at breakfast with fans that same day (along with, guess who? Dan Shea of course!). It will be exciting to hear new stories and to lovingly squeeze what clues we can out of them about the upcoming season!

An event that has become a hit on the West Coast will come to Chicago this year! The Friday Night Karaoke party has been held in Chicago before, but never with guests! Robert Picardo, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Dan Shea are expected to drop in! Wait a second . . . Dan . . . singing . . . .  This I have to see!

Jason Momoa was scheduled to come to Chicago, but as we recently reported, he had to cancel. He was going to put on a concert for us, and probably would have played his guitar. With Jason’s concert cancelled, the convention reverts back to it’s old format. There will be a Friday Night Cabaret. Cabarets in the past have featured guests singing, dancing, sometimes both at the same time, telling stories, reading their own poetry, or grabbing audience members to play roles in improvised Stargate episodes. It has always been a blast every year I have gone, and some of my fondest convention memories come from the Cabarets. This year’s recently announced Cabaret will feature Dan Shea, Robert Picardo, and Andee Frizzell.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Chicago Creation convention! It’s going to be packed with talent, music, laughs, and new stories! Follow me, PlayItGrand, and SpaceGypsies on twitter to get the latest from the convention as it happens, and keep an eye on the blog for updates! See ya at the con!

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