For The Ultimate Fangirl

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For The Ultimate Fangirl
Jill and I met once, Dragon Con 2012.  We had never met before though we’d chatted online.  But she had decided at the last minute to attend and I had a room already. So with our SpaceGypsies connection I was glad to have the roomie.

When we met face to face I was immediately excited by her tenacity and spirit.  And found myself experiencing/drawn into her joy for all things ‘fangirl’.  I had my itinerary all scheduled out until I met her and everything went“Jill” after that! She needed a bit of help with her motorized scooter so we stuck together off and on, wandering about and talking all things Dragon Con, fangirling and tales her favorite person, Amanda Tapping.

She was so full of life and enjoying everything.  I am so happy to have shared those moments with her.

 ~Becca (SpaceGypsy1)

Cormorants- Painting by MajorSamFan

I’ll never forget how much fun I had hanging out with Jill at Dragon Con in 2012. We spent all of that Saturday going to panels together. The time between panels, sitting and waiting in lines, flew by because we were so busy chatting, about Stargate, conventions, the actors, and about life in general. And then we both went and got our photo ops with Richard Dean Anderson. Jill laughed at my squealing and bouncing, and I didn’t mind one bit. I knew I was being ridiculous, but I was just so excited. Then we had a lovely dinner with Becca in the restaurant in the Hilton. When I think of some of the best times I’ve had at Dragon Con, that day I spent with Jill is high on the list, and I think it will always be.

I had hoped we would meet again, either here in Chicago or at a convention like Dragon Con. I was sad Jill couldn’t come last year, though I understood that a family reunion trumps a convention. Jill was missed, and she will always will be missed.

The model F302 Jill sent me has a place of honor on my bookshelf. She gave it to me in exchange for a donation to Sanctuary for Kids. If it wasn’t for her, I would never have gotten one, and making a donation to a worthy cause was icing on the cake. I always think of Jill and her generous spirit when I look at it.

Even before we met face to face I always appreciated the person I knew on the forums as MajorSamFan. When I met Jill it wasn’t hard for me to recognize that online persona. Then I got to know her as the friendly, smart, fantastic person that she was, and my appreciation grew so much. I am so very glad to have known Jill. All I can say now is that I will never forget her.

~Alyssa (PlayItGrand)

 mountain lake oil- Painting by MajorSamFan

When I think of all the things that make up a good person, I think of Jill. She was kind, generous, open minded, open hearted, funny, smart, and had a love for life that made every room she was in light up. Though we had talked online several times, I first met Jill (in person) at Dragon Con 2011. It is a con I’ll always remember for several reasons, but the most important is because I left having made a good friend.

Jill remained a good friend, through thick and thin. As we struggled through the adoption matching process, Jill was there every step of the way to pick me up and offer encouragement. She gave strength through what was an emotionally draining process. When our little girl came home, she welcomed her with open arms and immediately became her “Auntie Jill.”

Jill’s devotion to fandom was an inspiration. To me, she was what a fangirl should be. Her love for her fandom was respectful and passionate. She always treated the actors with warmth and friendship. Yet she was ever mindful of the line between professional and personal and never stepped over it. She respected that and expected the same respect from her fellow fans. Jill was the ultimate fangirl.

In the last few months I’ve realized just how much Jill has touched those around her. Her friendship has impacted so many lives, from all different walks of life. It is a friendship that will live on forever. She will always have a special place in my heart.

~Samm (GreenEggsNSamm)

Jill, we love you. 2∞&<!

Butterflies- Painting By MajorSamFan

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