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Anime Blues Con – Memphis Rocks It

Anime Blues Con – Memphis Rocks It
SpaceGypsy1 June 18, 2012 No Comments »

Anime Blues Con was more than I ever expected! Here’s a preview with more coverage and plenty of interviews to come later. As you see in the video below, Anime Blues Con goers know how to start the first day ... Read More »

It’s all guns blazing for the Mass Effect trilogy

Samvalasam June 1, 2012 2 Comments »

I was thinking, as I often do (or don’t), that I should do a few articles on the video games that I play. I don’t play many, but the ones that I do, I thoroughly enjoy. I usually ask my ... Read More »

Play Games. Heal Kids. Be a Hero with Extra Life

Samm September 21, 2011 No Comments »

Calling all gamers! Have you ever wondered how you can play games and make a difference? Now you can! Extra Life is an annual video game marathon event that raises money for the 170 members of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. ... Read More »

Speak Out with Your Geek Out!

Samm September 13, 2011 No Comments »

Hello fellow travelers! This is a very special week for the SpaceGypsies. We recently discovered Operation Speak Out with your Geek Out and it was something that really spoke to us. We’re proud to be geeks and we’re proud to ... Read More »

When is it Not “Just a Game?”

Samm May 11, 2011 2 Comments »

A few weeks ago, the bully breed blogs I read were in an uproar over a new app released onto the Android Marketplace by Kage Games, LLC. Originally called “Dog Wars” (aka“KG Dog Fighting”), players breed, raise and train dogs ... Read More »