Now I know why it’s called March Madness

SpaceGypsy1 July 20, 2010 No Comments »

March 2011 promises to be pretty darn awesome! Read More »

DragonCon 2010 Atlanta, GA

SpaceGypsy1 July 5, 2010 5 Comments »

The 24th Dragon Con in Atlanta Ga. September 3rd through 6th, 2010 is just around the corner Read More »

Fangirling Farscape DVDs

SpaceGypsy1 June 1, 2010 3 Comments »

Farscape fangirl update on DVD watching - Farscape Read More »

Henson Honored in “Stuffed and Unstrung”

Samm May 18, 2010 No Comments »

May 16th was the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson’s untimely passing. Jim Hill Media has reported on Henson’s son and Farscape creator, Brian’s new off-Broadway show “Stuffed and Unstrung.” This “adults only” show takes the art of puppeteering to new ... Read More »