Pandora Boxx is a Dragtastic Good Time!

Samm May 26, 2010 No Comments »

To me there is nothing greater than a good drag queen. I love them. My husband says it’s because I love shiny things. Drag queens are so much more than sequins and glitter! There’s a definite artistry to it. A ... Read More »

Henson Honored in “Stuffed and Unstrung”

Samm May 18, 2010 No Comments »

May 16th was the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson’s untimely passing. Jim Hill Media has reported on Henson’s son and Farscape creator, Brian’s new off-Broadway show “Stuffed and Unstrung.” This “adults only” show takes the art of puppeteering to new ... Read More »

Michael Shanks as Hawkman

SpaceGypsy1 May 14, 2010 No Comments »

Carter Hall/Hawkman repeats tonight on Smallville! See Michael Shanks fly! AGAIN. Oh yeah! Shanks on screen is always a good thing. Don’t miss it Read More »

Good news for Michael Shanks and Claudia Black fans

SpaceGypsy1 May 12, 2010 No Comments »

Six Audio Dramas coming from BIG FINISH with Daniel and Vala Read More »