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Preserving the Past

Preserving the Past
PlayItGrand March 11, 2016 No Comments »

Help preserve a piece of TV history Read More »

Forever is Over – UPDATED!

Forever is Over – UPDATED!
PlayItGrand May 13, 2015 No Comments »

It sounds like a bad 80’s breakup song, but it’s true. ABC has chosen not to give Forever a second season. Forever is, or rather was, a series about a 200 year old Doctor named Henry Morgan (Ian Gruffudd). He ... Read More »

Stargate SG-1 Big Finish Audio Books Update

SpaceGypsy1 October 21, 2011 No Comments »

I, being a HUGE Stargate SG-1 fan,  have waited patiently…okay…impatiently for the new Big Finish Audio books featuring Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson and Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran. And I found out today that I don’t have much ... Read More »

Speak Out: The Geeky Knitter Speaks

WhiteRabite September 16, 2011 1 Comment »

Hello everyone, I’m WhiteRabite and I’m here to round out our week of Speak Out with my geeky passion, knitting!  Yes, knitting!  I know, what’s my problem?  Knitting doesn’t have a great reputation, even in the wider geeky circles.  It’s ... Read More »

Speak Out: OMG Ponies!

Samm September 16, 2011 1 Comment »

When I heard about Operation Speak Out with Your Geek Out from Tiarala at Dragon*Con, I knew I was on board. The problem was, what would I write about? There are so many things that I geek out for. I ... Read More »