Alaina Huffman

Dragon Con 2010 Stargate Saturday Panel

SpaceGypsy1 October 15, 2010 2 Comments »

From the instant Ben Browder and Jason Momoa came out on stage with that brass-looking tub of beer, I knew I was in the right place at the right time!  The Dragon*Con 2010 Stargate SG-1 Panel. So they dump the ... Read More »

The Hollywood Panel

SpaceGypsy1 October 5, 2010 No Comments »

On the last day of Dragon*Con a new panel was added, attended by Alaina Huffman and Michael Shanks. It was billed in the Daily Dragon as a discussion about working on various shows that film on the west coast, and ... Read More »

Chicago Creation Stargate Con: Day 3

PlayItGrand August 29, 2010 No Comments »

Today Stargate Universe took center stage, along with three of it’s talented cast members! The day started with a friendly breakfast with Elyse Levesque, Brian Smith, and Alaina Huffman. While the food left much to be desired because it lacked ... Read More »

The Windy City Becomes Stargate Central Again!

PlayItGrand August 23, 2010 No Comments »

Who’s ready for three days of non-stop Dan Shea? I am! . . . I think! The Chicago Creation Stargate Convention is just four days away! Every year it gets a little bigger, and this year is no exception! The guest lineup ... Read More »