Ben Browder

Dragon*Con 2010 Farscape Panel Random Browder Foolishness

SpaceGypsy1 October 2, 2010 No Comments »

Before the Farscape Panel at Dragon*Con 2010, there was some mishap with sorting out the line.  Here’s some of the early Ben Browder antics as he’s joined by Raelee Hill and Virginia Hey .  The first part was so full ... Read More »

That Sci-Fi Show! The Coolest Thing to Hit Sci-Fi Since Leather Pants!

Samm September 20, 2010 No Comments »

Hello Sci-Fi fans!   Are you looking for something fun, interesting, hysterical and full of squeal to supplement your weekly sci-fi fandom? We’ve got just the thing for you! Head on over to That Sci-Fi Show and check out their weekly ... Read More »

Dragon*Con! On the road again

SpaceGypsy1 September 2, 2010 No Comments »

AND… off we go.  The SpaceGypsies have loaded their Gypsy wagons with all their goodies and headed out from all sectors of the universe to descend en masse in Atlanta, Georgia for Dragon*Con 2010. Aside from trying to catch Michael ... Read More »

Top 10 Things that MADE Dragon*Con 2009

SpaceGypsy1 August 18, 2010 1 Comment »

The SpaceGypsies are anxiously awaiting Dragon*Con 2010. There’s really nothing quite like it! Since two of us were newbies to the Dragon*Con wonder last year, I thought it would be great to give you a Dragon*Con 2009 Top 10! #10. ... Read More »

Fangirling Farscape DVDs

SpaceGypsy1 June 1, 2010 3 Comments »

Farscape fangirl update on DVD watching - Farscape Read More »