The Grand Empress Speaks! An Interview with Amanda Tapping

Samm October 7, 2011 No Comments »

This year’s Dragon*Con brought with it a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with the Grand Empress of Sci-Fi herself, Amanda Tapping. Joining us were our pals Jason and Celeste from Fandomania, and Chris and Sci-Fi Amy from ... Read More »

An Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl

Samm October 6, 2011 3 Comments »

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jack the Ripper and Big Foot himself, Christopher Heyerdahl at Dragon*Con this year. He’s charming, funny, and has a voice that will make you melt. Joined by reporters from The Daily Dragon, we ... Read More »

It’s Dragon*Con’s 25th Year. Are You Ready?

Samm June 22, 2011 No Comments »

For those of you who don’t know what Dragon*Con is or why everyone is raving about it, we’ll fill you in. Dragon*Con is the world’s largest fan-run popular culture/multi-media convention and this year marks their 25th year! What’s so special ... Read More »

Our Dragon*Con 2011 WishList

SpaceGypsy1 February 9, 2011 3 Comments »

The 2011 convention season is upon us and we’re getting excited! 2011 means something very special for our favorite convention…it’s Dragon*Con’s 25th Anniversary! Dragon*Con always gives us an amazing line-up of guests so it’s no wonder that they’ll be pulling ... Read More »

Convention Season 2011 is Upon Us!

Samm January 29, 2011 2 Comments »

We’re sure our fellow fans are just as excited as we are that convention season 2011 is upon us! This season is going to be HUGE, especially with the 25th Anniversary of America’s largest fan-run convention, Dragon*Con!  But Dragon*Con and ... Read More »