Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra: Episode 5 and 6 Review

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Legend of Korra Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition Episode 6: And the Winner Is My first thought on episode 5, “The Spirit of Competition,” was originally that it was the weakest episode of the season. The following episode changed ... Read More »

Legend of Korra: Episode 3 and 4 Review

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Legend of Korra Episode 3: The Revelation Episode 4: The Voice in the Night Episode 3 of Legend of Korra wastes no time in developing the main conflict of the series: Amon and his anti-bending Equalists. The primary function of ... Read More »

Legend of Korra, Episodes 1 and 2 Review

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Legend of Korra Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind The long rumored sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender has finally arrived! Legend of Korra premiered April 14th on Nickelodeon with the first two ... Read More »