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Speak Out: The Geeky Knitter Speaks

WhiteRabite September 16, 2011 1 Comment »

Hello everyone, I’m WhiteRabite and I’m here to round out our week of Speak Out with my geeky passion, knitting!  Yes, knitting!  I know, what’s my problem?  Knitting doesn’t have a great reputation, even in the wider geeky circles.  It’s ... Read More »

Speak Out: OMG Ponies!

Samm September 16, 2011 1 Comment »

When I heard about Operation Speak Out with Your Geek Out from Tiarala at Dragon*Con, I knew I was on board. The problem was, what would I write about? There are so many things that I geek out for. I ... Read More »

Speak Out: The Stargate Nut Geeks Out

PlayItGrand September 15, 2011 No Comments »

Before I discovered Stargate nothing really inspired me besides horseback riding. Nothing else really excited me and made me feel good about who I am and what I can do, and I had very little self esteem for many reasons. ... Read More »

Speak Out: YANA (You Are Not Alone)

MaryLouWho September 15, 2011 No Comments »

I’ve always been a geek, but it was not so very long ago when I was afraid to speak out about it.  I didn’t have geeky friends and I didn’t know where to find them. I was sitting alone watching ... Read More »

Speak Out: Speaking Out for Steampunk

Doctor Q September 15, 2011 No Comments »

This article was originally posted by our friends at The Artifice Club. This week is bit of a national movement.  It’s Speak Out with Your Geek Out week, in which those with aetherweb journals, like our own B.L.O.G. for example, ... Read More »