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The Last Ship- Let’s See Where it Goes

The Last Ship- Let’s See Where it Goes
Samm June 24, 2014 No Comments »

The latest from director Michael Bay and chronicles the crew of a U.S. Navy ship amidst a global pandemic Read More »

Strike Back is Cinemax’s Secret Hit

Samm October 1, 2012 No Comments »

Let's face it, Cinemax isn't known for its riveting series. It's not like Showtime or HBO that constantly sweep the Emmys with their hit shows. Cinemax, also known as "Skinamax," is known for one thing and one thing only...the fact ... Read More »

Is ‘Four Saints’ Down Rhona Mitra?

Samm February 24, 2011 1 Comment »

It’s hard to say what’s going on with White Wing Enterprises’ WWI film¬†Four Saints. Back in October, a cast, which included The Gates’ Rhona Mitra, was confirmed. Now, a quick glance at IMDB not only shows the absence of Mitra’s ... Read More »

Is it Time for a Tomb Raider Reboot?

Samm February 22, 2011 3 Comments »

Blastr’s “Rumor of the Day” last week gave the suggestion that Olivia Wilde (House, Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens) is being considered for a role as the new Lara Croft. After all, the last Tomb Raider film, Tomb Raider: Cradle ... Read More »

Reuniting the Rubins? World Peace Would be Easier!

Samm December 15, 2010 3 Comments »

Factor Films’ soon-to-be released Reuniting the Rubins is a feel good dramedy about a retired lawyer who is forced to abandon his dream holiday to honor his mother’s dying wish of re-uniting his estranged children. When your children are an ... Read More »