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Remnants of Life – Legends of Darkness An interview with Georgia L. Jones

SpaceGypsy1 April 4, 2012 No Comments »

Georgia’s story is not about your momma’s vampire or your teenage sparkling vampire.  It’s about a new – old vampire! Love this part from the book!  The smell of the best became like aged bourbon.  It was rotten and harsh. ... Read More »

The Inebriated Lab

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Con Attendees…ahhh yes…there is much to be said about all of us who attend SciFi/Fantasy, Anime, Steampunk, Comic conventions. We’re definitely a happy bunch, diverse in some ways though we all have our quirks, we love our conventions, and those ... Read More »

Wizard World Comic Con 2011

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I spent a delightful time at Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans. The usual suspects where present, Steampunks, Stormtroppers, a few Boba Fetts, Gamers, Fan booths and guests. Though this was a small Con it was well run, full ... Read More »

SciFi/Fantasy Conventions

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Some SciFi/Fantasy conventions are out of my reach, financially speaking. It’s not always the registration price, it’s the flight, then the room, food, extra days off to get there, that keep me from attending more Cons. Dragon*Con however is only ... Read More »

Dragon*Con 2010 Farscape Panel

SpaceGypsy1 September 17, 2010 6 Comments »

I had just finished videotaping a  Stargate Panel and hoped to have time to dash to my hotel room, dump the footage, charge the battery and get back in time for the Farscape Panel – even if I ended up ... Read More »