Star Trek

Nashville Star Trek Convention

MaryLouWho July 11, 2012 2 Comments »

Of all the conventions I’ve attended, none of them have been strictly focused on Star Trek, despite having been a diehard fan my entire life. I know, right? I was surprised, too! But this year, I got to attend Nashville’s ... Read More »

Wizard World Brings Comic Con to Chicago!

Wizard World Brings Comic Con to Chicago!
Samm June 15, 2011 No Comments »

It may not be as big as San Diego Comic Con, or as well known, but the folks over at Wizard World sure know how to put on a convention. Wizard World is bringing Comic Con to Chicago August 11-14 ... Read More »

What do Horses, Charity and Star Trek have in common?

Samm April 26, 2011 No Comments »

The answer is simple, William Shatner! For the past 20 years Mr. Shatner has spearheaded the annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show to raise money for numerous causes benefiting children around the world. The Hollywood Charity Horse Show or ... Read More »

TrekTrax Atlanta Boldly Goes…And Brings Tim Russ Along

ChevronSe7en February 15, 2011 1 Comment »

Space Gypsies is setting a course for Atlanta, and our speed? Warp Factor Fun! Long time Star Trek enthusiast Eric Watts is bringing his own unique brand of conventioneering back to Atlanta. This President’s Day weekend, he premieres TrekTrax, a ... Read More »

Stargate Creation Chicago Con: Day 1!

PlayItGrand August 28, 2010 No Comments »

Greetings from the Stargate Creation Chicago Con! It has been a great and packed first day! So packed Jenn and I had to skip lunch! Things got going at about 1:30 this afternoon with Q&A sessions with Steve Basic and ... Read More »