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Guildies at Dragon*Con 2012

Guildies at Dragon*Con 2012
MaryLouWho September 26, 2012 No Comments »

This year, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the entire cast of The Guild. Obviously it was the highlight of my Dragon*Con experience, partially because of my admiration for Felicia Day and all of her accomplishments. I’d say that ... Read More »

Wil Wheaton and The Guild- Dragon*Con 2011

TiaraLa June 25, 2012 No Comments »

In 2011, the scheduling gods smiled upon those of us at Dragon*Con and moved the dates of PAX. This allowed the incomparable Wil Wheaton to come join us, and fans of Felicia Day’s brilliant web series, The Guild, couldn’t have ... Read More »

Our Favorite “Geek” Music Videos

Samm January 5, 2011 1 Comment »

Geek music has  become mainstream as geeks gain momentum and strength in numbers. Maybe it’s not so much that there are more of us, but that we’re finally able to come out of our shyness and unite with other geeks ... Read More »