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Gold Star for the Wil Wheaton Project

Gold Star for the Wil Wheaton Project
Samm June 5, 2014 No Comments »

SyFy jumps on the bandwagon. Wil Wheaton burns it and builds his own. Read More »

Mash-Up: Beer, Wil Wheaton and Twitter

Mash-Up: Beer, Wil Wheaton and Twitter
SpaceGypsy1 July 30, 2013 No Comments »

I'm a beer drinker, not a beer connoisseur like Wil Wheaton! Not a home brewer or brewmaster, like Wil Wheaton! I'm a fan of beer. I'm also, and have been since Star Trek TNG, a fan of Wil Wheaton, Geek ... Read More »

Wil Wheaton and The Guild- Dragon*Con 2011

TiaraLa June 25, 2012 No Comments »

In 2011, the scheduling gods smiled upon those of us at Dragon*Con and moved the dates of PAX. This allowed the incomparable Wil Wheaton to come join us, and fans of Felicia Day’s brilliant web series, The Guild, couldn’t have ... Read More »

The end of the road for Eureka

Shansgrl August 15, 2011 No Comments »

As I’m sure you, dear reader are aware, one of the most unique and quirky TV shows got the axe on August 8th from SyFy. This caused not only an uproar among fans, but also a lot of confusion because ... Read More »

Return from the Temple of Geekdom

MaryLouWho August 4, 2011 No Comments »

First off, let me apologize. It’s been a week since I returned from San Diego Comic-Con and I still haven’t written this article. In addition to trying to recover from a week of California awesomeness, I’m also going through a ... Read More »